Web & Mobile Expert
Sinapis is an expert in web & mobile tailor made applications. We have vast experience bringing ideas to life within a real world application, doing so, in tight schedule while maintaining high quality.

Sinapis’ team is dedicated to help you achieve your goals. We know that delivering your project on time is very important to you. That’s why we assign a dedicated person that follows up on every detail of your project and makes sure that nothing is left behind. This person is also a single point of contact in Sinapis that provides you with all the help you need.

Working together
Building an application is a dynamic process. Things change fast and you need to know your current status every moment. That’s why we provide you with online access to our development site. No tricks. See what’s going on in our labs in each and every moment.

Quality Sinapis takes quality seriously. That’s why we have standards for specifications, code writing and testing. We use automated and manual tests to assure that your application quality will be high and bug free as possible. We also know that quality is a result of constant learning process. Therefore, our software programmers and QAs make sure their knowledge and experience is shared and documented throughout the company.


Sinapis offers a range of services covering all the technical aspects of your application:

Consulting & planning
Our software experts will analyze your business and your requirements in detail. After completing the analysis we will be able to recommend the best course of action in order to supply your needs and get your application running ASAP.

Software development
Sinapis manages and executes the whole process of your application development. Our experts will take care of design, programming, database, security and testing delivering an end to end working system.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Sinapis specializes in CRM solutions and offers consulting services for small, medium-to-large size business customers. Sinapis is experienced in providing full CRM solution, based on leading open source solutions. We provide a comprehensive suite of services: integration, customization, development, process consulting, training and hosting.

Online Advertising Technologies
Sinapis has a unique expertise in online rich media advertising technology. We have experience and deep understanding in client side HTML5 based ads on both mobile (iOS and Android) and desktop. We also have experience and deep understanding of the server side infrastructure: campaign management application, ad servers, statistics collection and reporting.

AutoCAD Development
Working for many years with engineering and surveyors companies, Sinapis has been able to provide great value by tailoring AutoCAD to the specific needs. Sinapis has provided both AutoCAD customizations and integrations to external systems, resulting in better overall efficiency and user experience.

Migration & customization of Legacy Systems Sinapis provides help with legacy applications.
Depending on the technology and source code availability, we can support your legacy application, customize it or migrate it to an advanced technology.

Support and maintenance Our job is to provide you with a working system, therefore our support team does its best to help when you need us. In addition, we will be there to make modifications and enhancements you may require.

About Eyal Shiri

Eyal Shiri – CEO & Founder

With more than 15 years in the field, Eyal has vast experience in bringing unique internet solutions into life. Eyal has managed Sinapis since its establishment in the year 2005. Under Eyal’s management, the company has been growing significantly and has delivered a great number of new and exciting web & mobile applications. Eyal holds an MBA degree from the university of Tel Aviv, and BSc in computer science and economics (graduated with Honours) from the university of Tel Aviv, Israel.