Tomer Treves

"Dear Eyal and Sinapis Team,
I wanted to extend official gratitude to your excellent work with Adnimation. With your development efforts, we are now bringing back attention to online and mobile ads through the use of original animation.
Throughout the last few months, we were counting on your technological expertise, extensive experience and creative thinking and received much more than we have planned.
I was continually impressed by your insights – every member of the staff helped simplify the product and offered creative and cost effective solutions.
In a persistent and organized method, Sinapis provided us with a tailored made system and website, followed requirements closely and the results were exactly to the company's needs.
You've made Adnimation a loyal customer and we're already looking forward to working together again soon.
I would hope that one day in the near future you will look back proudly at your contribution to Adnimation and our vision of Better Ads for All."

Miri Har Tal

"Sinapis has developed for us (Neviot) tailor made mechanisms that allow better customer service.
The staff demonstrated constant innovation, creativity and professionality.
Sinapis gave us a complete solution, meeting the scheduled deadlines.

Along the way we got personal attention to our needs and full availability from all Sinapis' programmers."
I highly recommend working with the Sinapis team, especially with Eyal's leadership.

Yossi Nevo

"Sinapis Technologies has built and implemented the core of our integrated system: the most advanced service provider locator system in Israel and around the world.
This unique system is a great success for several years.
Sinapis has been a loyal service provider throughout our long way together, providing high quality work.
The team met all our expectations at the professional level. It has the ability to solve problems and is willing to help at any time.
We are more than happy to keep working with Sinapis on our system's future developments."

Sheryl Sitman

"Sinapis accompanied us over the years, through service, maintenance, installations and implementations of new modules in our e-commerce website www.optenetpc.com
Sinapis has always provided great service! Responses were quick and work was professional.
Eyal and the staff always offered us applicable and well defined solutions which met the needs of our organization.
Sinapis has proven itself a true partner and a faithful and attentive supplier."

Gil Rosenblum

"I was introduced to Sinapis through my technical advisor, Gilad Helerman, one of the most prominent figures in the advertising technologies industry in Israel.
Eyal introduced Sinapis over lunch and I immediately realized Sinapis is a company which not only provides development, but is also a partner - one who puts the goals and needs of our business in top priority (and sometimes over his own priorities). Strategy that has proven itself over and over again throughout our mutual work together.

Along the way Eyal and his dedicated team listened to our needs, challenged them, and always found out the most effective way to promote them.
Eyal and his team worked with us on numerous developments, most importantly a significant upgrade online advertising tools.
The upgrade provided by Sinapis, enabled us to significantly improve the speed and efficiency of the system. As a result, our business results and our users motivation has improved.
I strongly recommend anyone seeking a professional development team, product development, or product design to have Sinapis as their technological partner."

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